Back in the UK…

It’s been 3 weeks since I’ve come back from my one year adventure in Japan. The last few weeks have been very quiet, and I’ve slowly been adjusting back to the British way of life. I’m from the Northern part of England, so hearing the Northern English accent took some getting use to! But there’s always a sense of comfort hearing it, as it really does remind me that I’m back home.

I’ve been dealing with my move back pretty well. I really thought that moving back to England would be really tough, and my heart would be aching from missing Japan so much. But in all weirdness, I think the climate has helped me. I’ve noticed that the climate in Japan is almost identical to England. Usually I feel a huge difference in the air from the moment I step off the plane after being abroad. But the air almost feels the same, and in a strange way it almost seems like I haven’t left Japan.

Missing Japan has been unavoidable. Seeing the pictures my friends in Japan post on Facebook and Instagram makes me wish I was still there living in my tiny town. How I miss the simplicity of life over there! But, it’s back to reality now. I need to find my next path, and the journey continues!

It’s been nice returning home to a big kitchen! I got so use to using my tiny kitchen back in Japan. I’ve been making use of it as much as I can. Eating clean and healthy!


It was also nice finally being reunited with my oven! I do wonder how I managed to survive one year without an oven, haha! The first thing I made was melon pan. Crispy on the outside, soft in the inside. It takes quite some patience to make, as the bread has to go through a few fermentation stages. But it’s worth it when the final product comes straight out of the oven. I almost feel like I’m still in Japan when I eat it and close my eyes!




It was also my girlfriend’s birthday the other week. So I set myself a task to make rilakumma cupcakes for her. It’s been a while since I last made something like this, but it was fun! Not perfect, but points for effort I guess!





Like they say. Good food, good mood!

Have a great week guys!


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