Catching up!

It’s been a while since I last updated this. Last week I had to teach and prepare for quite a lot of lessons, so I was a bit busier than usual. The other ALT I work with went back to England for a couple weeks holiday, so I was covering his classes as well as teaching my own. Made a change from sitting in the staff room all day looking for things to do!

Last Saturday I went to Utsunomiya with a group of other ALTs to see a basketball game. Our company gave us free tickets to see the Tochigi Brex VS Nagoya Diamond Dolphins game. It was my first ever basketball game so it was pretty exciting!


At the BREX stadium in Utsunomiya

I was rooting for Link Tochigi Brex, as that’s my prefecture, and so were the majority of people watching the game. You can see in the picture below, those wearing yellow t-shirts were supports of Tochigi Brex. There were very few supporters of the enemy team. We were urged to join in with the chants like ‘Let’s go Tochigi’ and ‘Defense’. This was fun at first, then became such a chore as the game progressed.

The atmosphere was great however, and I felt kind of sorry for the opponent as they were booed so loud whenever they scored a basket or had control of the ball. Tochigi Brex did really well though, and won the Diamond Dolphins by quite a bit.


After the basketball game we decided to wonder around Utsunomiya and we had yakitori. Yakitori is barbeque meat on skewers, it’s so good!

Sunset in Utsunomiya
Yakitori restaurant




On the following Sunday, I went to a little muffin cafe called Y’s muffin not far away from my home. It’s such a nice little cafe, and I was surprised to see the entire menu written in English. I remember the first time I went inside with a couple of other teachers, the owner immediately asked if we were English teachers. Turns out he has travelled around, and a lot of English teachers pass by his cafe.




It was a pleasant surprise to see that the owner could speak good English. This is really rare to find in the area I’m living in which is quite rural. Everyday I have to rely on my very limited Japanese skills and gesturing to get by. It’s also nice to see a familiar menu serving things which I would usually have at home.

Banana caramel pancakes with a cup of latte

I ordered the banana caramel pancakes which were really good! The cafe itself is just really chilled and relaxed. With some really nice cook books! Trying to get some ideas to create new dishes in my tiny apartment…..


Will finish this post off with a picture I took that day. I noticed it while walking home.


Enjoy your weekend guys!


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