Hanami season…

Since moving to Tochigi I honestly haven’t done much exploring around here. With me not being paid for another month or so, I have to keep costs very low! That hasn’t stopped me from making an occasional visit to nearby places however. Luckily for me I arrived in Tochigi just as the hanami season (cherry blossoms) was approaching, so I was able to see the cherry blossoms in their full beauty!

A couple train stops away from my place is Kuroiso. It’s a nice little place with a lot of small coffee shops and bakeries. Couple weeks back I went to the hanami festival at Kuroiso park and they had food stalls, music and live performances. It’s a pretty neat park! The cherry blossoms were also insanely beautiful. It’s one of those things which my camera can’t seem to capture the full beauty of. If anyone is planning  a trip to Japan, I would definitely recommend visiting during the hanami season!

Hanami festival at Kuroiso Park
Performers playing the Koto
20160402_165012 (1)
Takoyaki bought from one of the food stalls
Koi carps at Kuroiso Park

I also made a visit to Utsunomiya, the biggest city in the whole of Tochigi. It’s around a 40 minute train journey from where I live. It was nice to experience city life for a day. The place where I live is pretty rural with not many shops around. I feel like I’m getting slightly better at communicating with people here with my very limited Japanese. Funny story. I was in a small shop in Utsunomiya and bought a few bits and pieces for myself. The guy at the till started asking me many questions at the counter, to which i just replied ‘Yes’ as I had no clue what he was asking and how to answer. He then gestured for me to come back to his shop in ten minutes which I was really confused by. So anyways I came back to his shop after 10 minutes, and he gave me my purchased items…….each individually gift wrapped. I guess on the plus side, I had gifts to open for myself when I got home that night!

20160403_122257 (1)
Cherry blossoms at Utsunomiya  city
Futarayama Jinja Shrine in Utsunomiya

Now that the hanami season has more or less come to an end, the weather is starting to warm up which means only one thing. Summer is approaching… Preparing myself for the humid weather and mosquito bites!


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